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Wholesale from oil depots

Rosneft is the leader of the Russian oil industry and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. Rosneft's principal activities include hydrocarbon prospecting and exploration, oil, gas and gas condensate production, processing of produced raw materials, and sales of oil, gas and petroleum products in Russia and abroad.

One of the strategic objectives of Rosneft is to increase sales of its own products directly to the end consumer. To achieve this goal, Rosneft is expanding its sales network, primarily in strategically important regions, systematically increasing the number of filling stations and upgrading its own oil depot complexes.

Rosneft is represented in the Russian Federation by an extensive network of oil product supply companies, which includes 174 oil depots located in 54 entities. Motor fuels are sold from petroleum depots in the regions through petroleum product supply companies.

Sales of motor fuel from oil depots

Rosneft offers its customers at the petroleum depots only high-quality motor fuels of Euro-5 ecological class, corresponding to the technical regulations of the Customs Union.  Guaranteed quality of the fuel supplied to consumers is a priority for the Company. More information about the quality of motor fuel supplied to the Company can be found on the corresponding page of the website.

Rosneft has extensive experience in cooperation with major contractors that select motor fuels in several regions of the Russian Federation, including contractors that purchase on the basis of 44-FZ, 223-FZ.

The Company is constantly developing motor fuel sales channels from oil depots, offering its counterparties the most transparent and modern sales tools. Currently, the Company is actively working to increase motor fuel sales through open exchange trading on the SPIMEX. Special long-term contracting programs are offered to large end users. More details on the implementation mechanisms can be found in the corresponding section of the website.

The Company does not tolerate any corruption on the part of both employees and consumers. For this reason, the Company interacts only with persons entitled to carry out commercial activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, and when concluding a supply contract asks consumers to provide an additional list of documents. The Company asks you to support the anti-corruption activities and understand the additional requirements when concluding the contract.